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Sell More, Sell More Easily

Frustrated by Sales Mediocracy?


Eliminate the time you spend in selling situations that go nowhere and earn what you are worth. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to learn an honest, no-nonsense sales approach that encourages self-respect and get results. All that in a supportive environment that also encourages personal growth? It’s a whole new approach to selling

This intense sales training boot camp is the fastest way to get the core principles of the Sandler Selling System and its novel approach to the buyer-seller dance.

From this unique selling system, sales managers and sales teams learn to:

  • Stop letting people turn you into an unpaid consultant. Your education and experience are worth something.

  • Ask for quality referrals without feeling pushy. Let other people advertise for you while you spend your valuable time making money.

  • Don't accept wishy-washy decisions and "think-it-over's." Get a decision for your time investment - whether it is a "yes" or a "no". Find out why a "no" is a good thing.

  • Know how to uncover your prospect's real motives for buying your product or service. There is always more involved than they are willing to tell you.


Wednesday February 26th, 2020


Sandler Training London

431 Richmond Street, Suite 301

London, ON   N6A 6E2




$799.00 + HST per person

This session includes Sandler Foundations workbook materials, 1 year access to Sandler Online for on-going reinforcement training, Sandler "Bike Book", Extended DISC Personality Assessment, a light breakfast and an executive lunch.


Make an investment in yourself and ensure your success

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