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Sales Partnership

Tired of thinking you’ve hired a Suzie Sales and they turn out to be Wally Weakcloser?


The concept of our Sales Partnership came out of partnering with our growth minded clients to find, hire and on-board exceptional sales and sales management talent, something that traditional recruiting companies have typically been unable to do.  

What makes this unique is the ability for us to facilitate the Sandler Management Solutions hiring process template to attract and qualify candidates but to also support the new hires with a one-year coaching and training program designed to ensure the new hire is effective and profitable.  We utilize both subjective and objective data to present only candidates who can, and will perform in the role.  We do not store or save resumes of candidates for future positions, so every candidate search is fresh.  

4 Tips When Hiring a Winning Sales Manager

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We Don't

Send over a whole lot of resumes of people we’re desperately trying to find jobs for.

“Head Hunt” or “Pinch People” from companies like yours.

Work from a huge outdated database of names – trying to convince people they should be working for you.

Instead, We Do

Work with you to clearly identify the Ideal Candidate based on your needs.

Custom build the entire screening, profiling and interviewing process to suit your application.

Attract strong career minded candidates that want to pursue your opportunity.

Screen, profile, evaluate and interview in-person candidates based on your established Ideal Candidate Criteria.

Present to you only qualified candidates allowing your decision to be the final one.

Provide full support during and after the hiring process to maximize your ROI.

but still want to hire top performers?

Learn how we find high performers

Or, contact us for more information

Whether you're hiring a outside sales professional, or inbound account manager we have solutions to find you the top performing talent. Contact us to begin a conversation regarding the Sales Partnership program.

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